Nurture Is In Our Nature

Nurture Is In Our Nature

Nurture Is In Our Nature

Nurture Is In Our Nature

Welcome To The Nurture Nanny Agency

We are a specialist Nanny agency providing home support staff, trained in the use of nurture principles to expertly care for children with a focus on social and emotional well-being. Our aim is to provide a bespoke service to the children and families we support.

Nanny home support is increasing in value and popularity due to many parents working form home. Our Nanny home support staff provide exceptional care, home learning support, home management and many more benefits that add to your child’s social, emotional, physical and educational wellbeing all in the safety and comfort of your own home.

We make it our priority to get to know your family in fine detail in the same way we know our Nannies. This is so that we can match you not only on the skill and expertise you require, but to personality traits, morals and values.


Our Service To You

  • Full Recruitment Processing
  • Nanny Match
  • All Background & Verification Checks (DBS, Qualifications,Insurances, ID)
  • Interview Arrangements
  • Nanny Training
  • Family Plan For The Transition Of Your Nurture Nanny
  • Contracts
  • Nanny Insurance*
  • Payroll Service*
  • HR Service*
  • Pension Scheme*



*Optional service delivered by NannyTax

What Our Families Say

Our Nurture Nanny has made a massive difference to our home and we quite honestly don’t know what we would do without her. Professional, organised, reliable, trustworthy, kind, approachable with a warm personality.

I cannot speak highly enough of our Nanny’s commitment to making our lives easier while having a positive impact on our children with structures and routine with an organic and holistic approach to the children.

My children think the world of their Nanny and look forward to the time they have with her whether it’s work rest or play.

Anna Carter

Ex-England Netball Squad & Owner of Elite Netball Academy

The Carter Family

About Us

Sophia Kelly

Sophia Kelly


Our founder Sophia Kelly has over 15 years of experience which includes private nannying, parenting, leading and assisting teaching in school classrooms and has been a a children’s counselor for a well known childrens helpline. She also specialises in therapeutic interventions that enhance social and emotional wellbeing for children.

Sophia created and ran Sensory Space Leeds a unique sensory play centre created to aid in the enhancement of brain development in babies and toddlers for a number of years before its sale in 2018 to its neighbouring nursery.

Sophia is also a licenced Thrive practitioner and has used her extensive skills, knowledge and experience to create Nurture Nanny Agency and its specialised training course which all Nurture Nannies undertake before their placement into families.  

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Service Charges

Can you believe our nurturing even stretches to your finances! We pride ourselves on our low fees which are fair, honest and affordable. How? Our investment in state-of-the-art software has cut out most of the manual work from our processes meaning we can still deliver a high-quality personalised services at a fraction of the cost compared to other agencies.


Dont Believe Us?

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Become A Nurture Nanny

Are you a skilled and highly qualified caregiver who has a natural nurturing side?

Are you passionate about children’s well-being, highly professional and want to earn up to £600per week?


If the answer is yes then you have landed here at the Nurture Nanny Agency.


Being A Nurture Nanny is so much more than the average child care role. Our Nannies are leaders in the field of home support and nurture care, always striving for excellence in the service we provide.

  • Free training in the Nurture Nanny Academy
  • Clients that share our unqiue vision
  • Salary that exceeds the highest paid child care roles
  • Professional support and guidance

Nanny Training

Your training in the Nurture Nanny Academy is completely free and is bespoke to the role. It covers everything from child development to self-care practices. We also provide interview tools and tips to support you throughout the whole recruitment process.

Our company prides itself on having the well-being of everyone we encounter at the centre of what we do, this includes you as a candidate and a prospective Nurture Nanny.

Our Nanny roles are highly sought after due to the clients we work with and the training we provide, therefore we cannot respond to every application made to the Academy. If you have applied for a role and have not heard back from us within 14 working days this means your application has been unsuccessful.


Wising you the best of luck on your new journey


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Phone: 0113 3910278



Why Hire A Nurture Nanny?

Our Nannies are highly skilled care providers specially trained in nurture care. They provide essential home support from meal preparation to light housework and deliver outstanding care to children including school runs and homework help.

Nurture Nanny’s care for your child/children in the comfort of their own home. Due to the ever-changing world more and more parents/guardians are taking their children out of day care provisions and hiring specialist 121 care.

Hiring a Nurture Nanny will enrich family life alleviating guilt and stress placed on busy working parents/guardians, bringing the structure needed to create a secure environment for your child/children. Our Nannies are also specially trained to provide targeted and planned play and activity sessions that help your child reach their physical, emotional and social development tasks in which their progress is tracked.

What Is A Nannys Role?

The Key responsibility of a Nurture Nanny differ from household to household and will be dependent on the working hours of the nanny. All responsibilities aside from care of the children* will be conducted within reason. The key responsibilities of the nanny will be discussed and approved between the nanny and family and will be outlined in your individual family plan and drawn into the contract template.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • *To feed the children fresh and nutritious food, taking into account any potential or existing allergies.
  • *Ensure they have a balanced diet.
  • To wash, iron and mend the children’s clothes.
  • To change and wash the children’s bedding and towels when necessary.
  • *To organise stimulating activities for the children, for example appropriate playgroups, visits to friends, outings to places of interest.
  • *To keep the kitchen, nursery and bathroom tidy, and clear items away after use.
  • *To ensure that the children get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Under close supervision when in the garden or the park.
  • To help with the children’s homework and projects. This will include support not tutoring.
  • To attend school trips, school events when required.
  • To plan menus for the week ahead and prepare a weekly shopping list for your and the children’s food.
  • *To take the children to the doctor/hospital when they are sick.
  • *To visit the dentist when necessary.
  • *To get their prescriptions and to ensure that they take their medication.
  • To be responsible for the weekly float.
  • To purchase food or clothing for the children as required.
  • *To create a happy and relaxed environment around the children. To be nurturing and kind but also firm when required. To make them feel secure at all times.
  • *To report all accidents, incidents and breakages to us as soon as possible, however minor.
  • *To inform the parent/s guardians at the end of each day about how the child/children have been and other relevant issues.
  • *To review how the job is going and provide them with open and honest feedback on a regular basis.
  • Some nannies may run errands for the family such as taking parcels to the post office, dry cleaning and arranging trade people to the house when required.

*Responsibilities linked to care of the children


How Do I Find a Nurture Nanny?

Please visit the Hire a Nurture Nanny Page on this website and fill in your requirements.

Is A Nanny Self-Employed?

Some Nannies are self-employed however Nurture Nannies are employed by the family they work with. This means they are entitled to holidays, sick pay and maternity pay just as any employed individual. We provide parents/guardians full support in this area and have specialist guidance and information which is part of the welcome pack you receive upon instructing us to find your Nurture Nanny. An Employed Nanny is much more likely to stay in the role for a greater length of time, this ensures their own financial security, creates a professional working relationship with the family and is vital for the child/children to feel safe secure and supported. We get the highest level of candidate because they trust that our clints are as outstanding as they are, meaning that they know that their employer will be just as good as the care that the Nanny will provide. 

How Much Is A Nurture Nanny Paid?

This will be dependant on how many hours you work and what part of the country you live in and whether or not the care required is of a specialist nature.

The minimum hourly rate for a Nurture Nanny is £15ph however prices in London can go up to £25ph

Nannies providing specialist care such as caring for children with medical needs will range from £20ph-40ph

How Can I Become A Nurture Nanny?

You must first already have any of the following qualifications as a minimum to qualify to the Nurture Nanny Academy.

  • CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education
  • CACHE Level 2 + Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Certificate
  • NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education (England, Wales and Northern
  • Ireland) 
  • SVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education (Scotland) 
  • LCCIEB NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education 
  • Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years Care and Education 
  • CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Practice 
  • NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Work with Children APEL (Accreditation of Prior
  • Experience and Learning) 
  • The Chiltern College Certificate 
  • The Princess Christian College Certificate
  • Norland College Certificate

If you have a qualification that is not on the list and you feel this makes you suitable for a role you have seen please drop us a quick email outlining your qualifications and experience and we will get back to you.

Once you have established that you qualify to apply check the available jobs page and fill in the form for the job you wish to apply for. Once approved you will move on to your in-house training programme. Registering and training is completely free of charge.

Covid 19 Response

It is a challenging time for everyone around the world and here at Nurture Nanny agency we take the health and safety of all our families Nannies and staff very seriously.

Nannies are still able to work during the pandemic and the demand for their services continues to grow as they provide more 1-2-1 tailored care.

All our Nannies are trained on how to work safely in the home whilst caring for children during the pandemic, we also provide guidance for our families who employ Nannies to ensure they are providing a Covid safe working environment.

Our payroll partners Nanny Tax are on hand for any HR, employment or furlough questions that our families or Nannies might have and are waiting to help with expert advice to help ease the strain through this difficult period.

Nurture Nanny agency is fully committed to supporting our families, nannies and staff through this pandemic and beyond.

Much Love